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Front View 4x5 This page is posted for friends and family so you can see the web site that used to be on the internet when I was manufacturing and selling Bender View Camera Kits throughout the world. For thirty years of my adult life, this is how I made my living. It was a great business, supported me well, and allowed me a lot of free time to pursue many other interests. But, as you may know, digital photography has indeed killed film, and film based cameras like this. I can not complain that I did not know the end would come. In 1977 I gave a talk at the Society for Photographic Education, introducing photography instructors to "pixels" and how digital images were formed. During that talk I predicted the demise of film and suggested that film based processes would be relegated to the art world only. While I was sad to see the business die, after 30 years I was certainly ready to do something else. I design homes for a living now, and enjoy that immensely. Have a look at the old Bender Photographic web site. This is only available as a way of telling the story of a company that does not exist any more. If you have found your way here via search engines or other old links, please understand that these cameras are no longer available (sorry).

Welcome! We make kits for 4x5 and 8x10 view cameras from kiln dried cherry, and brass hardware. By building your own camera you can spend more of your money on a good lens. We also make Pinhole Camera Kits and a few other products related to Pinhole Photography. Every bit of information we have about our products, their prices, shipping rates, EVERYTHING, is right here. Please take a few moments to look at these pages.

We've tried very hard to make the information about our products readily accessible. If you prefer to read the information in printed form, just click the PRINT button when you are on any of the pages. All of the information about our products is in your hands right now, right here at the web site. Why not have a look?

Post your large format photographs and pictures of your Bender View Camera to the new Flickr Bender Camera User's Group! Check it out HERE.